Best cafes in Canggu and Ubud

Ayu Melalie

Are you on a motorbike trip to explore the hippest and coolest places in Bali? Good on you! Just be sure to carry your international driver’s license in your wallet, wear a helmet and stop in time for a good lunch and coffee to keep you fueled up. These are the best cafes in Canggu and Ubud:


Canggu is Bali’s hipster heaven, surfers paradise and a great place to go out for drinks and parties till deep into the night. At the same time, Canggu attracts families, yogis and soul searchers - it’s a great mix of everything and the cafe scene is buzzing…

1. The Shady Shack

Shaded by leafy palm trees, The Shady Shack boasts stunning rice paddy views and delightful vegetarian and vegan food. No wonder this place is always packed! Good coffee and a great selection of healthy dishes to boost your immune system, this charming cafe will give you an energy boost alright with their powerful smoothies, homemade tarts, and raw chocolate cakes.

2. Peloton Supershop

Located on the corner of Jalan Pantai Berawa (‘street to the beach in Berawa), Peloton Supershop is a unique find. 100% plant-based, original and incredibly tasty, even meat lovers will go wild for their famous vegan ‘tricken wrap’. Seasonal, organic fresh produce and amazing recipes are the keys to their success - Peloton Supershop is fantastic, so be sure to check this place out!

3. The Loft

A Scandinavian-inspired interior design and Latin American passion? Say What? The Loft is another Instagram hot spot in Canggu, and it is a true feast for all of your senses! A gorgeous design, tasty food, chill-out music, and good vibes, The Loft is located on Batu Bolong Street - the hippest street in Canggu. Choose between acai or falafel bowls, avo on toast, burgers, wraps and a whole array of lattes (in all colours of the rainbow). Gotta love this place!

4. Milk & Madu

This just might be the most popular cafe in Canggu (Berawa). With a playground on-site, families love to come down here for breakfast, brunch or lunch. In the weekend, Milk & Madu has got kids activities going on as well. On your way to the beach? Stop down here and you will fill your belly with good stuff, ready to take on those surfing waves!


The cultural capital of Bali, surrounded by river valleys, rice paddies and craftsmen villages, Ubud is a special place, appealing to a mixed crowd just like Canggu. There are many cafes to check out but make sure to put these on your must-visit list when driving through Ubud Town;

1. Casa Luna

A great fun and happening cafe and hang-out place in Ubud is Casa Luna. Cooking classes, live music, readings, and a great pit-stop any time of the day! A must-try is the Balinese-style paella!

2. Watercress Cafe

Watercress has the best organic salads! Big, healthy and yummy, this cool cafe supports organic farmers and local fishermen here on the island. For your coffee, a great selection of 100% Arabica beans from around the world matched with a slice of homemade pie. Everything is tasty at Watercress (also located in Batu Belig, in between Seminyak and Canggu).

3. Seniman Coffee Studio

Not only does this cafe serve the best coffee on the island, but you can also sign up for a brewing or latte art workshop. Great the coffee freaks among us. Are you just driving around and in need of a tasty coffee shot? This is your spot! Smooth and silky cold brew coffee, taster sets of 3 or 5 coffee beans or how about a single-origin chocolate shot?

4. Alchemy

This is a very cool no-waste cafe with recycled wooden furniture, bamboo straws and nothing but raw food. More importantly, every dish on the menu is a real treat and the coffee is heavenly! The portions are big and the setting is tranquil. Alchemy has an organic shop on-site as well. Stock up some good for the road - you’re good to go!

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