How to use Go-Mart to order your groceries

Ayu Melalie

How to use Go-Mart to order your groceries

In this moment of uncertainty where some of the countries do partial lock-down and people are encouraged to stay at home, moving around is something that is nearly impossible for most of us. Having low food supplies are for sure can be troublesome. Luckily, you can buy your groceries easily with applications! Here is an application that you can try while keeping yourself at home!

- Go-Mart / Go-shop

This is an app developed by a well-known Indonesian company called Go-Jek that primarily operates in mass transportation. Here is the step that you can take to use this app:

  1. Download the Go-Jek App on Play Store or Google Play Store.
  2. As soon as you finish the download, continue to signup and complete all your personal details.
  3. There will be a notification regarding your activation.
  4. Bear with me, we’re almost there.
  5. The choice is totally yours; you can choose Go-Mart if you want to buy some stuff that you believe is available in the minimarket (Circle K, Alfamart, Indomaret, Coco Express). But if you want to be sure, just choose to order in Go-Shop.

Here is how. Click the order now button or scroll down and see nearby shops that might provide you with the required items. Hence, make sure you have the correct current location where you are now (hopefully in your own place). After you are sure the location is correct, then choose where you want to buy your needs such as Lotte Mart, Pepito, or even Carrefour. Word of advice, please select a store that is closest to your current location to cut waiting time and more efficient cost of course.

  1. After you choose a shop, you are going to see an option screen to choose what products you want to buy. Ooops, be careful not to put too much on the cart, only buy the necessary stuff and also check again if you are picking your stuff from the same and correct market.
  2. We are getting closer to get your stuff ready for you! Double-check all the products that you already input are in the right amount and also check the prices.

  1. Sit tight and relax your driver will inform you if something showed up or something is missing. Relax they have Indonesian to English translation.
  2. And the last but not the least, make sure you keep some distance with the driver who sent you the packages and wipes all your packages surface with alcohol or sanitizer.